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You should also be aware that you may be charged additional fees by your home institution or host university to take or process additional credits.Taking less than a full course load may jeopardize your student status and result in personal academic repercussions and/or loss of financial aid. Because of the differences in the academic systems, you will not know your exam schedule until after you arrive at your host university.You should discuss your course selections with your academic advisor at your home institution and have several backup choices in mind. IFSA-Butler requires students to enroll in a full course load at the host institution.Please note the following departmental comments: How many courses am I able to take, and how do I determine U. The number of courses you take depends on the credit value of the courses you select.Check with your departments and with your home institution during registration to ensure you are meeting the full course load requirements of each.When calculating credits, 1 ECTS credit =.5 US semester credit hours.An interactive, ultra-modern tour offering an experience unlike any other in Dublin!Journey back through time and discover the intriguing tale of Irish whiskey, its unique origins, its rise to glory,dramatic fall and current revival in this fantastic museum.

If, however, a student must have a specific course and it is only offered as a full-year course, the student may petition to enroll if: What if I need to take a required course?

Please be aware that IFSA-Butler cannot guarantee that your host university will offer a particular course, or that you will be allowed to take that particular course.

However, if you need to take a required course, you may indicate that it is required on your course preference form.

With an exclusive collection of Irish whiskey memorabilia dating back to the 1800s blended with a modern twist, this is one memory you are sure to savour.

Located at the main entrance of Trinity College, the Irish Whiskey Museum is the most centrally located visitor attraction in Dublin.

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