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I was like, 'OK, I'll get it done, but you have to write it properly.'"And he probably will.

Hardy's body art is very much a statement of his commitment: to his lovers, to his family, to himself. He has her name, Lindy King, tattooed on the inside of his arm, which he said he would do if she ever got him into Hollywood.

He was raised in East Sheen, a pleasant suburb of west London.

He went to nice private schools, where, he told me when we met once before, he "wasn't the best student".

Before we sit down in an edit suite to watch the episode, I have to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

"You can write what you think," says Hardy, "just not why you think it." So we sit there side by side on a black leather sofa as an editor called Serkan plays back the episode on a large screen, Hardy scribbling continuously on an A4 pad and working his way through a stack of four (yes, four) pizzas and a bottle of Diet Coke; me making notes in my own notebook, mostly about the pizzas.", and despite having lush production values that make London, where it is mostly set, look dank and grubby and decadent and sumptuous all at the same time, and boasting a cast of period drama stalwarts including Jonathan Pryce and Tom Hollander, goes to places that other shows of that genre don't.

He doesn't have to channel the time his pet goldfish died in order to play characters who have been brutalised or broken; he can play men who stare into the existential abyss because he has stared into it himself. Or as he told a fellow addiction survivor in a video for The Prince's Trust charity, "I'm an addict and an alcoholic so I have my ups and downs.He's had the London skyline, a Chinese dragon, his wife's name (and his ex-wife's initials), a Madonna and child and a Buddha with an AK47.This latest one though, he's dragging his heels about.Hardy bet a tattoo of the winner's choosing that he wouldn't. Hardy recreates Di Caprio's design on a Post-it note for me."He wrote, in this really shitty handwriting: 'Leo knows everything.' Ha!

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Our conversation is occasionally interrupted by vitamin-D-starved TV types popping in to make cups of coffee, as well as some loud male and female groans repeating over and over from an edit suite across the hall (fighting or schtupping? Hardy seems fairly relaxed, given that he's under a reasonable amount of pressure.

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