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For example, I could write the below code to create a new Product and associate it with an existing "Beverages" category in my database like so: Note above how I'm adding the Product object into the Category's Products collection.

When we defined our data model, the LINQ to SQL designer also created a custom Data Context class that provides the main conduit by which we'll query our database and apply updates/changes.For example, I could write the below LINQ expression to retrieve a single Product object by searching on the Product name: I could then write the LINQ query expression below to retrieve all products from the database that haven't yet had an order placed for them, and which also cost more than 0: Note above how I am using the "Order Details" association for each product as part of the query to only retrieve those products that have not had any orders placed for them.When we perform queries and retrieve objects like the product instances above, LINQ to SQL will by default keep track of any changes or updates we later make to these objects.In addition to updating existing rows in the database, LINQ to SQL obviously also enables you to insert and delete data.You can accomplish this by adding/removing data objects from the Data Context's table collections, and by then calling the Submit Changes() method.

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For another example of how LINQ to SQL can help manage cross-table relationships for us and help clean up our code, let's look at an example below where I'm creating a new Order for an existing customer.

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