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Capek, The Women's Review of Books "This book, which steers clear of the society page report and the scandal sheet, is especially welcome.

A good corrective to the media image of upper-class women." ―Jessie Bernard"As the first research based on systematic in-depth interviews with upper-class women, Ostrander's study offers us a rich and nuanced view of how these women understand their role in public life, their class position, their hopes and fears for their children, and their points of conflict with and accommodation to their husbands." ―Contemporary Sociology Extremely objective and insightful read.

And the black female body was the site of violation.

William Domhoff, University of California "Women of the Upper Class is readable.

"This book, which steers clear of the society page report and the scandal sheet, is especially welcome.

It gives us an objective picture of the kinds of lives upper-class women live, allowing us to see what the 'political economy' looks like from their unique perch and what their part is in maintaining it.

I love books written by academics that are written in plain English.

There are great tidbits about class scattered, or perhaps just tossed out, though out the book: like the fastest way to move up in class.

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