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His canceling and rescheduling on you could mean many different things (busy at work, dating others, family issues), but the only one and one underlying reason of him doing this will always remain the same - Do not date a man who sees you as 'unimportant'; unimportant means 'not into you'. I say, do not ignore the red flag and stop creating excuses.

And do you know what a huge pile of BS you will have to go through when dating a man who is not into you? His inattention means the same as in the above example - he is not that into you.

You are a fragile, emotional, and vulnerable woman who has to tolerate bad bosses to make a living, gossipy neighbors to live in a nice neighborhood or toxic relatives to keep your family 'together' AND dating a rude and obnoxious man on the top of this may just push you over the edge! If he were, he would be way more cautious about bringing the whole subject up worrying that you would get offended and never see him again.

You have enough problems and troubles to deal with, you do not need more. Dating a not nice man WILL NOT make you happy, so this one will have to go too. He would act more careful, and would be willing to wait until YOU are ready.

“Wasn’t it terrible that after all the work one put into finding a person to spend one’s life with, after making a family with that person, even in spite of missing that person, as Amit missed Megan night after night, that solitude was what one relished the most, the only thing that, even in fleeting, diminished doses, kept one sane?

” A long-married couple attends an out-of-town wedding and attempts to make it a romantic weekend.

What would you expect him to do or say to the woman?I think, we would all agree that he would not want to lose a woman by disappearing on her for an entire week, and he would really make sure to tell her that he would be gone for one week and after that they would meet again.And what do UNinterested men do in such situations?A father explains to God why he helps his daughter cover up a hit-and-run.He admits he would have taken a son to the police, but that a daughter demands a different protection.

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If the guy you are dating is pressuring you to take things to the 'next level' he IS NOT afraid to offend or to lose you.

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