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God delivered the Law to Moses , including the Ten Commandments and the Civil Law.

A description was also given to Moses of the Tabernacle, a portable worship structure, that the Hebrews were to build.

Twelve spies went into Canaan to determine its fertility and to assess the difficulty of invading it. God commanded Moses to speak to a rock in order to create a spring. Because of his disobedience, God decided that Moses would be punished by never being allowed to enter into the promised land of Canaan.

Most of them concluded that it would be impossible for Israel to drive the Canaanites out of their land. Israel arrived on the East bank of the Jordan River, attacked its inhabitants and seized the land.

Various Christian authorities have estimated the year of creation between 6000 BCE and 3963 BCE.

While in the Plains of Moab, Moses reviewed the recent history of Israel with the generation that had been born since the tribes had left Sinai. This included parts of present-day Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt and areas currently controlled by the Palestinians.God's call to Moses to lead his people out of Egypt and into Canaan.Many conservative Christians place the Exodus from Egypt during the 15th century BCE. Other estimates have placed it in the 13th century BCE.Absolutely nothing about the several generations between the death of Joseph at the close of Genesis and the birth of Moses at the beginning of Exodus.During this short interval, the Hebrews are reported as having experienced an unprecedented growth, becoming a group of over 600,000 males and their families totaling millions of persons.

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That is, they developed a moral sense for the first time.

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