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M’gann casually informs her – for some reason – about the brunette with the dimples coming in whenever Alex herself isn’t there to see her.

” and teased her, her sister didn’t even break into one of her sunny smiles.

And since there was an extremely small list of people who could actually get Alex to bend to their will, and her sister was on that list twice, Alex had sighed and left her books at home.

Sliding into her leather jacket and making her way out of the apartment.

It is the first time she saw Maggie Sawyer, but far from the last.

Because Maggie, or as Alex refers to her in her head for a while, Dimples, becomes a regular. Maybe just as much of a regular, really, even if sometimes their nights at the bar don’t coincide.

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  1. Ex-WWE superstar Cameron -- real name Ariane Andrew -- says she has a rule when it comes to dating ... (Note: we have no idea why our photog even posed that question but she went with it.) Andrew also says she 100% supports The Rock if he decides to run for president ...