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Your partner — Amanda’s mother or father, your choice — has died before the game starts, and you’re both mourning that loss.

It’s pretty clear that something else is up with Amanda too, and lot of your choices will be about how to treat her.

All of the conversations the player-character has with the different dads - whether trying to date them or not - felt unique and built narratives that I sincerely cared about.

Despite being a dating simulator, does an awesome job of making all relationships feel equally important - not just romantic ones.

But there are also plenty of discussions online about all of the good that has done.

In particular, many players have been celebrating the game’s explicit acceptance of diversity.

In fact, there really isn’t a focus on sex in this game at all.

And, at the end of the story, the most important relationship still feels like the familial one between you and Amanda. She is smart, sassy, and makes you laugh, while also trying to navigate the minefield of senior high school by passing her subjects, maintaining her friendships, dating boys, and preparing for college.

) gruff stranger, you’ll find a man who hits the spot for you. The game could easily have had nothing more to say than “The internet thinks dads dating dads is hot, and that’s hilarious.” Instead what developer (and popular You Tube channel) Game Grumps delivered is a game that actually fleshes out its characters, treats their problems with respect isn’t just the same “fuck me, Daddy,” joke over and over.

It’s a genuinely competent dating sim geared to welcome a queer audience.

The fact that the game’s resolution is altered by the myriad combinations of choices the player might make means it’s hard to know if all of possible endings are as rewarding as the ones I happened to stumble across.

I’ve heard whispers on the internet that some relationships feel less positive or more superficial than others, so maybe I was simply lucky with the choices I made.

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