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only to discover he doesn’t feel the same and doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you.

Discovering a guy you like doesn’t like you back is crushing.

[Click here to keep reading…] Marriage is a big deal, it is the ultimate commitment, and not everyone wants to get married.

I always feel a little bad when I write articles like this because I don’t want to be the one who crushes someone’s hopes and dreams.

And that’s the gift I want to give to you with this article… [Click here to keep reading…] This is a common thought when you first start dating someone … No one wants to be blindsided, and this happens all too often.

You meet a guy, let yourself be overcome by fluttery feelings and you ride a wave of high hopes for what the future will hold …

Sometimes it’s easier to just turn a blind eye to avoid having to face a truth that you really don’t want to accept…that maybe the man you love doesn’t want to marry you.

To help you gain perspective and see more clearly, here are 15 definitive signs that he is never going to marry you.

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  1. A few ground rules: (1) they can’t be songs listed by Berg or that I remember someone other than myself mentioning at BTF (note: I came up with the list a few days after those threads, so some overlap is possible).