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Here is an important notice: There is an electrical connection and hydraulic diagram for the respective model of tail lift included with all PALFINGER Tail Lifts.

They can be found right next to the circuit board in the main tube.

The benchmark here is the K-Plus control system, which can be used in all PALFINGER Tail Lifts series.

Current PALFINGER Tail Lifts controller models: The hydraulic system in PALFINGER Tail Lifts is reliable and was designed according to a tried and proven system that has been known for years.

Caracteriza a feição e o tamanho do poblema, baseando-se em dados da Pesquisa Nacional por Amostra de Domicílios - PNAD, de 1990. Licença Padrão Ipea: é permitida a reprodução e a exibição para uso educacional ou informativo, desde que respeitado o crédito ao autor original e citada a fonte (

Permitida a inclusão da obra em Repositórios ou Portais de Acesso Aberto, desde que fique claro para os usuários os termos de uso da obra e quem é o detentor dos direitos autorais, o Instituto de Pesquisa Econômica Aplicada (Ipea).

* Valid for PALFINGER Tail Lifts as of serial number 8xxxxxxx.

Following the delivery of a tail lift, customers require comprehensive service support for many years to come.

Then give our service hotline a call: 49 4221 853 355.Follow here for the Onlineshop PALFINGER Tail Lifts.Feel also free to contact our qualified staff: Phone : 49 4221 853-355 Monday to Thursday : am till 5.00 pm Friday: am till 4.00 pm A fast and easy fax order could be done via Faxform.Before placing an order, it is important to properly assess the technical data for mounting on the vehicle.We have a team that deals exclusively with different assembly situations to decide how the tail lift has to be installed on the vehicle and which tasks have to be considered when special equipment is used.

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Proibido o uso comercial ou com finalidades lucrativas em qualquer hipótese. Proibida a tradução, inclusão de legendas ou voz humana.

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