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Each of our 24 clusters describes a vivid and critical color on the palette from which history has drawn the brushstrokes that form the complexity that is your own genome.Though we are all different and distinct, we are also drawn from the same fundamental elements.Judaism is a religion, but the Jewish people are also a nation.The latter implies genetic relatedness to their ancient founder population.

Later populations, such as the Hohokam society in the southwest (near the present-day city of Phoenix, Arizona), display evidence of increased social complexity, likely due to the use of irrigation management technology.Therefore, each individual receives a narrative fabric tailored to their own personal history, a story stitched together from bits of DNA.We’ve listed the Population Clusters and accompanying narratives below. In the list below, you can click on a Population Cluster to see it’s description.Populations within this cluster are descendants of the first migrations from Siberia that moved into the Americas via the Bering Land Bridge roughly 15,000–23,000 years ago.These migrating populations split roughly 13,000 years ago as one group migrated east and south to populate areas of North and Central America and a second group spread down into South America.

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Viking traders from Scandinavia had made their way to Greenland and North America before the 10th century CE, and a trade practice between local populations and Vikings was established.

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