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She was begging me to let her give me a bj and have sex.I kept getting up telling her that I didnt want to have sex on the first date, Yeah right.I fill that it is so screwed up that the first thing that comes out of our mouths after we say we have hep is to give an excuss how we got it. By having this desease has made me a better person, I can see how shallow a lot of people are about other people with a desease or disability. I have been single for over 4 years trying to get my life back in order from my last relationship.This is the last time I will tell someone how I got this desease. Well, on our first date she tried everything for me to have sex with her.

I honestly thought that it would be something we would be able to get through together.

Bottom line is you want to date someone who considers your health to be of importance, as a friend would care about your wellness.

A relationship requires compatibility and a sense of ‘I got your back’ as well as chemistry and attraction.

The reason the relationships ended had nothing to do with my hepatitis B infection.

Dating is like any other life experience; there are ups and downs.

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the messages here, and other information I've seen indicate that no one knows for sure about male to female transmission. because of other health problems I had at that time, the doctor indicates that my risk then was higher than normal. I don't know if there is consensus, but I would tell or have someone else let them know that they should be tested.

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