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According to police, such fraud increased by 16 per cent in 2014-15, with recorded losses of more than £33 million.Judith Lathlean, a 67-year-old, Oxford-educated professor, made headlines in December last year when she courageously revealed how she had paid £140,000 to a man she met on a dating site (but never met face to face).This helps remove you from real life and allows them to take up more space in your head.It weaves a spell that hurries the relationship into a period of hyper-intimacy.

Anna Moore investigates the crooks who target smart, successful women Using a fake profile on the popular dating site (they operated as ‘Christian Anderson’, a divorced engineer), the pair managed to persuade a newly divorced mother of two to sign over a staggering £1.6 million, some of it her own, the rest borrowed from family and friends.On the basis of just these scant facts, it seems incredible that a well-educated, successful and responsible woman would even consider handing over her life-savings to an apparent stranger – and yet chilling details from the trial hint at the sophisticated brainwashing involved.Based on the secret techniques of pick-up artists, the book contains step-by-step instructions on how to ensnare a victim, such as ‘Select a Target’, ‘Isolate the Target’, ‘Create an Emotional Connection’ and ‘Blast Last-Minute Resistance’.That’s how powerful it is.’Scam Survivors also works to make life as difficult as possible for fraudsters, baiting them, wasting their time, closing their bank accounts and killing their fake social networking profiles.But Wayne May admits it’s a drop in the ocean.'The fact that they can afford to do that shows how many others they have on the go.

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