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Disunity is being promoted on a grande scale in subtle ways — for what purpose?Disunity, destroying bonds, destroying love — they all serve the purpose of making us mindless drones, consuming endlessly.I try hard to not let this realization harden me, though it is a battle at times.I am aware that goodness still prevails in humanity. Lap 64, Kimi was 0,4 second behind Massa, and he was still trying to get the third place. If you asked Kimi what is his favorite brand, he’ll say that no one in particular. I don’t know why Kimi loves this kind of car, but for me, coupe looks really good.10. Kimi’s ambition is to start a family, a real family with wife and kids at a point. I’m dreaming to have a happy family of my own, too. Maybe it is because I have a big family from both my grandparents… I’m glad we have the same view about charismatic people… Hate smoking, and think that smoking is dangerous for health.

Akhirnya, diputuskan bahwa dia akan digantikan oleh Sebastian Vettel. Menyukai kecepatan di segala tempat, dan mewarisi cinta terhadap kecepatan dari keluarga.8. Benci rokok dan berpikir bahwa merokok itu berbahaya. Well, yeah, I’m a bit shocked when I found that he hates smoking. ’ 14 June 2007Kubica ternyata masih belum bisa ikut balapan di AS. *runs away*Read it here Hello there and welcome to Indianapolis. Oh, and there is a rumor that Fernando Alonso feels treated like a step-son in Mc Laren-Mercedes because it seemed that Mc Laren favored Lewis more. Then, there was Heidfeld, Kovalainen, Vettel, and Trulli, until the eighth grid. Two more billboard each making 90° angles contain the other elements. The base is the standard periodic table, but it’s in circular shape. I still wonder what’s the purpose of the circular shape, but maybe we’ll found it later, since the aim from developing an alternative of a periodic table is often to highlight or emphasize different chemical or physical properties of the elements which are not as apparent in traditional periodic tables. Well, we would show our true feeling to people, and we’ll answer questions honestly. Even if you’re talking about Kimi, he’ll answer your questions really honestly. He didn’t like studying on the books and loves karting more. Behind them, the two Ferrari secured the second row, Felipe third, and Kimi fourth. At a 90° angle the second billboard contains the groups 13 to 18 front and back. That one is an alternative developed by Mohd Abubakr, Hyderabad, India. When Kimi was still a little boy, his parent enrolled him to school, but he didn’t really like it.

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Lap 18, Alonso recorded a fastest lap, and Kimi was still struggling behind Kovalainen, trying to get past him. Lap 20, Kovalainen get past Heidfeld and became fourth. Lap 50, Alonso pitted from second place and rejoined in fourth. Kimi pitted as well and get a new, softer and probably faster set of tire. I’m still upset because this is the first time Ferrari lost the winning in Indianapolis and Mc Laren keeps leading the championship. Lewis for his second win, and Kimi for a good result in fourth place (and safe race… He was only a substitute for Kubica, but he is already good this race.

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