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The social graces classes are going to cover moving into a group and how to approach somebody — the dos and don’ts that everybody should know but don’t — everything from posture and how to hold yourself to, it sounds funny, but I would say even how a lady crosses her legs versus how a man should cross his.

A couple generations ago, a man was taught to shake a woman’s hand more softly — now she should have a nice, firm handshake herself. We’re not just sitting here learning how to drink tea, while that is a fun little perk to the course.Janie Hall, who lives in Joplin, met her date online and traveled 2.5 hours to Kansas City to meet him for a lunch date at the Cheesecake Factory last week. “He coughed three times, stood up, and just fell face first into the floor,” she recalled. ” The duo saved his life in a moment Hall can only describe as fate. “In the grand scheme, it`s just staying mentally and physically prepared for the unexpected,” Hall said.“His entire body was stiff.” Hall was in shock, barely believing her eyes in that moment. “He`s talking and then he`s on the floor, lifeless. Hall said her date is recovering and has asked her on a second date. ” Hall hopes people use her story as inspiration to get CPR certified.“Everyone thinks of etiquette as being stuffy or that if you’re in the top 1% that’s how you’re able to learn these rules.But it’s quite the contrary.” In a move to make its etiquette lessons more accessible, Beaumont Etiquette instructors will be leading group classes for men and women at the Plaza Hotel on select Wednesdays starting in January through April.

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-- A romantic first date on the Country Club Plaza turned scary when the woman's date nearly dropped dead. He had so much to say and so many great things to offer!

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