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Additional information on population figures that take into account internally displaced people and returnees in Yemen can be found here [https:// and is produced regularly by the Task Force on Population Movement.This Excel file contains population projections for 2016 by the Yemen Central Statistical Organization. The population figures are disaggregated by governorate and district levels, both containing p-codes.In a televised address from his hometown, he declared that the Houthi takeover was illegitimate and indicated he remained the constitutional president of Yemen.His predecessor as president, Ali Abdullah Saleh—who had been widely suspected of aiding the Houthis during their takeover of Sana'a the previous year—publicly denounced Hadi and called on him to go into exile.

In a battle that lasted only a few days, Houthi fighters seized control of Sana'a, the Yemeni capital, in September 2014.The next day, a pro-Houthi army brigade was said to have "disintegrated" after being pummeled by coalition warplanes in Ad Dali.The commander of the 33rd Brigade reportedly fled, and groups of pro-Houthi troops withdrew to the north.Admin Level 1= Governorate = Mohafaza Admin Level 2 = District = Modeeriyyah PCODES are those used by Yemen Central Statistical Office. The process of clearing Admin 3 (sub-district) has not been finished and this level is not included.Additionally, the other layers (0, 1, and 2) may undergo minor modification in the coming months.

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The Huthi armed group and forces allied to it indiscriminately shelled civilian residential areas in Ta’iz city and fired artillery indiscriminately across the border into Saudi Arabia, killing and injuring civilians.

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