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Acne & Anti-Aging Products: Whether it’s benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, retinoids or otherwise, a pimple or wrinkle-fighter won’t work without a potent active ingredient at its core.

The trouble is that these chemicals are highly volatile; even in the best scenarios they only last about 3-6 months once they’ve been opened.

With all the costly crap that goes into keeping your body looking its best—designer moisturizers, expert-tested shampoos, etc.—we don’t blame you for being wary of parting ways with even a single tube, jar or bottle in your medicine cabinet.

Yet there will come a time when your only option is to do just that, because just like the things you put Now, we’ve already spoken about expiration dates.

Because each time you dip your fingers in, your introducing a whole host of new strains to the mix.

So, to ensure you get at least that long, what you need to do is make sure to keep them out of direct sunlight, which can break down the effective chemicals, and in a cool place like the refrigerator, as this can slow down active ingredient decay.So you can consider germs off the list of things that could make your deodorant go bad before its advertised expiration date (usually ~3 years).Another fortunate factor: Antiperspirant’s active ingredients tend to be pretty stable, regardless of temperature, sun or whatever other elements usually affect expiration.Moisturizers & Creams: In general, the stuff you slather on your skin to keep it looking younger for longer can last up to a year since you’ve opened it.That all depends, though, on which exactly you’re using.

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So go ahead, treat your stick of Old Spice like shit; the worst that’s going to happen is it’ll dry out, and even then, it’ll still probably work.

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