Dating is the new awkward

Ask open questions that need more than a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer and show a genuine interest in the things they’ve done and the places they’ve been.

The universal question If the conversation dries up draw on a universal question like ‘Where are you from?

Not everyone does well in face to face conversations but might open up and relax when they’re involved in some kind of activity.

Remember that 80% of communication is non-verbal so you don’t need to be a great conversationalist to have great dates just arrange ones where the onus is on connecting through doing rather than speaking, walking is particularly good as it’s sometimes easier to talk when you’re alongside someone rather than facing them.

As the 'date' progressed, the couple got closer, giving each other back massages, taking about sex, and even making out.

'I wouldn't usually get my third nipple out on a first date,' he revealed.

The first pair sees Cam - who quickly admits to losing his sex drive in relationships and having a third nipple - and Pam engage in small chat before leaning in for a kiss.

And while they enjoyed the spirited stint of tonsil hockey, a number of viewers were quick to chime in on Twitter, slamming the show as 'garbage' and 'gross'.'God watching people pash is gross,' wrote one woman.'Undressed needs to put clothes on, get a room, and do its awkward cr** in private. What a manufactured, artificial, soulless piece of trash TV. Some people saw the new show in a different light, taking to Twitter to commend SBS for being 'intriguing' and 'funny'.'I actually quite like it haha it's awkward, funny, but so good to already see different backgrounds, shapes,' wrote one woman.

Obviously there’ll be some necessary breaks such as a visit to the bathroom or a trip to the bar, but as far as possible stay with your date for the entire time. You may have a busy life, lots on your mind and concerns about where you’re going to find a cab to take you home but dwelling on outside concerns will break the connection between you.

Draw on what you know You’ll have some information about your date from their profile and these are the things they’ve been happy to share publically so are safe topics of conversation.

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’ Everyone has a place of origin and whether it’s somewhere you’ve visited or not it’s a great starting point for a conversation that isn’t too prying, personal or intrusive.

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