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We got there and saw all these guys and girls kissing, girls getting fingered through as they...I'm divorced now and my ex and I had been into some swinging but mostly she played with other men.It wasn't long before things moved to making out against the...A s part of our "adventures" we journal each of our encounters and put them up here and a few other selected places on the Internet. I was sent to finishing school in Switzerland and my marriage to my husband was arranged by my parents. Well, it was a long ways back when I was just a horney kid.Now I am married but I have been doing it since September with a new crowd I have met. So what's the worst thing that could happen during a foursome? I was invited to a few usenet groups, and started attending swingers parties for a few years. Well this story tells about how I got my mom to suck my **** and **** her itching *****.

teasing each other really which was ok , it gave me material to fuel my wanking sessions with .One of my guys that use me as a ***-dump called and asked if I was free for an extended period of time.It just happened that I had nothing planned, so I told him so. (Again It was saved by my bf so that is why it says me/her.He told me that he would be at my place in ten minutes, and to be waiting for him wearing only my jockstrap and... It happened at Lake Havasu, during Spring Break, last year. Boats ...especially SPEED boats, are very exhilarating to me. Also read my story "Out Texts" first if you want this to make more since) Me: So is your meeting over?Her: Ya I just got out a few minutes ago I was on the phone with nick. Thought I was gay for some time because I found other men sexually attractive.

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