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He is currently working on a childrens book based on Scott Adams Pirate Cove. Rusty has completed nine books for children based around his son Andrew who stars in each story.

His first adult novel, The Hitmen Narratives, is a series of short stories revolving around one of the most evil of professions, the professional killer.

I also have a computer CD of all the things I have learned about Lyme disease that I will send out free postpaid to anyone who desires a copy in the US/Canada. I am going to be playing Lord of the Rings Online allot less and Everquest 2 more. I have related it a few times but figured I would post it here.

You never know what is going to touch someone, and I find these stories incredibly inspiring.As the father of an Autistic child, he hopes the sales of his books will provide funding to raise money to seek research and treatment for children with Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder.To that end, 50% of all profits from any book are pledged to like causes.It is really very true to the source materials and a load of fun.For example in the books no one ever died and was resurrected (No Gandalf doesn't count and did he really die anyway? Right now LOTR Online is the number one PC game in the US and Europe and for very good reason.

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