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My medical problem only affects my eye's but it is a flaw that the general populace wants nothing to do with.

It is hard to justify spending over ,000 for a car and insurance just for a date.No freakin' way - I am sick of being chief cook and bottle washer - if I go out on a date I'd at least like to be picked up and driven. Sad to say also most of those women that do want to meet don't drive, so I am up creek without a paddle.SO many women put not having a car as a major flaw on someone. Least I know (I don't drink) that I will get home in one piece, I don't have to worry about them racing down the road at unspeakable speeds and when I say I'm ready to go - they have to follow, lol.Authorities say two North Carolina teenage girls are believed to behind at least four known car thefts.News outlets report that a 15-year-old girl and 16-year-old girl were arrested Friday evening while riding in a stolen car.

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When the victims became distracted, the girls would steal their car keys and flee in the vehicles.

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