Dating gay handicaped persons

Meeting for coffee or tea is great, hiking is fine, and going to a movie can be fun (although I don’t like whispering during movies with someone because I am hearing impaired; you do the math).Although I am having fun and have been quite productive in getting my life in order, I have also had to face some great anxiety and fear over disclosing my mental health status.

Men either react: 1.) Maturely and normally, even somewhat considerately. 2.) Offensively and annoyingly; this often consists of the “can you hear me? 3.) And then there are the ones who react bizarrely: deaf wannabes, pretenders, and hearing aid fetishists. Usually, they begin to automatically start signing to me and I have to break their hearts by telling them I don’t sign.It isn’t an option for me anymore, however, and I am more than okay with that.Tempting as it can be, I am no longer up for a lost weekend.Doing so would not give me the steady sleep pattern that I now know I need in order to control my mental stability.But that was how I met men in order to go out with them–perhaps that is how many of us meet potential paramours.

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Before I pulled out of the bar scene, I was briefly seeing a guy and when I was explaining my diagnosis to him he fell asleep.

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