Dating game theme ringtone

The Wicked Cultured villain's ringtone may be a crappy auto-tuned pop song.

The Heteronormative Crusader's ringtone may be a song about having Intercourse with You.

Surprisingly enough for a few seconds the thieves seem like they're going to let the whole thing slide, perhaps out of sheer amusement at the incongruity of the ring tone...

Each new headliner is written into the plot of the show so the transitions are smooth, which plays into the overall premise and evolution of the series.

If you’re one of the millions enjoying the new Doctor Who, why not enjoy a our free theme song ringtone for your i Phone.

A character's cellphone goes off at an inconvenient moment, and the song they use is their ringtone is something they'd be embarrassed by.

The Jerk Jock might have the Theme Song from some incredibly geeky television series as his ringtone.

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At times it may be a ringtone that wouldn't usually be embarrassing, but the situation makes it inappropriate.

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