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These easy dating etiquette tips are the keys to a no pressure situation if you just remember to relax and enjoy the evening.Don’t let the bill conversation be the only thing your date remembers from the night.And what does she do when it’s not clear she’s on a date?Or when the guy isn’t proactive or clear about how to handle the check? What if you just want to get the hell out of there?

It really all comes down to the environment of the evening.

Does that mean he’s expecting some sort of payback in the (near) future? But because many of them don’t, it wouldn’t hurt for women to have one, too.

Who knew something as innocuous as a restaurant bill could cause so much trepidation and awkwardness. So here’s one man’s attempt to help women navigate the uncomfortable question of, “Who’s paying for this date, anyway?

I tend to be the initiator on the vast majority of the dates I go on, so this system of paying for the drinks or meals I initiate goes a long way to prevent any awkward uncertainty.

The way I see it, if they don’t have to pay for anything, they’re more likely to join me, enjoy it, and be glad they went.

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