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It portrays a young female prostitute/lutenist, a bearded man, who is the client, and an older woman, the procuress, who points to her opened hand soliciting payment.Although these immensely popular ribald low-life subjects had lost some of their appeal in the late 17th century, Vermeer seems to have appreciated them not only as a convenient way of introducing comments on the scenes which were represented in his own paintings, but for Van Baburen's bold hand and technical mastery.However, they do not occur so frequently in death inventories and moreover, these "turkse" and "persiche tapijten" never occur in appreciable quantities on the cargo of Dutch merchant ships.It is known that some painters supplied the carpets themselves and a single carpet might be used for generations of artists.

Its deep tone and unusual stature are associated with the male while the virginal is associated with the female.By the 13th century, merchant travelers like Marco Polo had remarked on the beauty of the Oriental carpets they encountered on their journeys.Soon, they began to be imported into Venice and thence to the rest of Europe.Being smaller and less delicate, it was far more portable.Although it was played by all classes, the cittern was a premier instrument of casual music making for the common people, much like the guitar at the present day.

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