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Quarto editions of the plays continued to be produced as well.Those published in the late 1600s, after the restoration of the English monarchy, include drastic changes and "improvements" reflecting the preferences of that time.Other publishers have taken the text in new directions, from foreign-language editions to graphic novels.Poems | Early quartos | The First Folio | Later editions | A variety of forms ) went through five.The 1623 First Folio of Shakespeare, however, is the earliest folio consisting only of an author's plays.

Some of the quarto texts closely match the wording of the same play in later quartos and the First Folio, but others vary drastically, offering different early versions of the same play.Shakespeare's sonnets were first published in 1609 as a quarto, though they were probably written much earlier.The sonnets, far more popular today than the epic poems, are still published both individually and as a group.Shakespeare's plays, as printed in the First Folio and the early quartos, presented a challenge to later editors, in part because of the great variations between some quartos and the First Folio.In 1709, Nicholas Rowe, the first editor of Shakespeare's plays in the modern sense, added act and scene divisions to every play, introduced exits and entrances based on the sense of the text, and included lists of the characters, or .

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