Dating colostomy bag

A radio-controlled tarantula is just the thing for scaring siblings and exploring just how fun huge spiders can be.

If you love Duck Hunt, or know someone else who does, you'll appreciate this sweet gun alarm clock.

And, I have a female-peeing-upright device, but mine's called a she-wee.

I go camping alot, and like festivals, and sometimes get so wasted finding somewhere good to squat is near impossible. The nurse was stating that there are bags that are used to contain the waste material that is produced from an enema and that she and the hospital staff considers those bags to be enema bags. Note: When brackets [] are used it means that the current writer/author (not the original writer/author) has inserted their own words to clarify something or for any number of other reasons.

Are you sick of looking for something they'll actually like?

Why not try something sure to confuse them instead? Well, I'm sure there's someone on yourlist who would like genuine, freeze-dried squirrel feet earings.

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