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This cheeky little toddler is even cuter in real life.The head is red and yellow carnelian agate w sparkling clear crystal eyes. This pre-Columbian artifact was probably a child's toy or mother's keepsake; 2 parts.Although the Laurentide ice sheet, which still existed to the north, may have kept the summers cool, it may also have blocked arctic air masses from extending into the Midwest during winter.[So there was a warming trend and a thickening of forestation between 15,000 to 13,000 years ago.

When this massive ice sheet started to retreat 18,000 years ago, it depressed the land and created a widen basin: Much of the city of Chicago lies on beach and lake sediments deposited by Lake Michigan and its predecessor glacial Lake Chicago.

After the Wisconsin glacier retreated from the Chicago region, it still occupied and dammed the northern end of the Lake Michigan basin, forming glacial Lake Chicago.

This lake, which covered most of present-day Chicago, was higher than modern Lake Michigan.[By analyzing pollen and fossilized vegetation in this ancient Ice Age lakebed scientists have determined that at the closing of the last Ice Age, the southwestern Chicago region and the northern half of Illinois was like no other place on earth: covered the landscape.

What happens next is like something out of a Dooms-Day sci-fi movie: The exploding comet creates a giant white-hot tornado and sets forests ablaze killing off just about everything and everybody in North America.

The remaining vegetation would have been charred, forcing starvation upon surviving mega fauna. This comet melted a good portion the Laurentide Ice Sheet and the resultant flood waters changed the Atlantic currents.

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Although the glaciers had retreated, the climate was still quite cold.

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