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More abundant are divorce records that also deal mostly with property settlements.When examining ancient reliefs and statues, it is easy to assume that the ancient Egyptians marriage was similar to today's institution, but beyond these visual clues, there is little in the way of documentation to substantiate this.Among common people, polygamy may very well have existed as it obviously did in the royal class, but if so it was rare.

However, this meaning is less clear because in some New Kingdom text both hemet and hebswt are used at the same time to apparently refer to the same female.Interestingly, the word hi is the male counterpart to hemet but seems to have been rarely used.However, this is probably due to funerary text most frequently being related to men, and so the female partner is referred to and defined by her husband.However, from the Roman period we find documentation of brides being as young as 8, though most scholars believe that is an exception and that a more common age for brides was 12 or older.In royal marriages, particularly between brothers and sisters, the parties seemed to be often much younger.

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