Dating a man 20 years younger than me

With my younger guy, the worth of my life experience is a given and my advice is actually valued.Our 20s are a difficult and formative time, so from my older perspective, being able to aid the journey of someone I love is very rewarding. The people we surround ourselves with encourage different elements of ourselves that can have a huge impact on how our personalities are cultivated over time.I found someone that happens to fit my personality perfectly and I’d never have found him if I turned my nose up at our age gap. It may be a cliché, but I’ve genuinely found my sex drive has been revolutionized since I turned 30, along with my body confidence and desire to experiment.

I may have had a list of qualities in mind for my ideal guy but all of that went out of the window when I met my boyfriend.Our paths are unique and no one needs that pointless pressure to reach meaningless milestones just for the sake of it.I’ve found that gaps in experience are actually an ideal basis for developing healthier relationship patterns because they encourage honest conversations and are an opportunity to examine my life from a different perspective. In the early stages of my relationship, I worried about being judged…We’ve seen more than a couple of ads saying stuff like ‘I’m an attractive, 52 years old man who has never been married, no kids, and I’m looking for an attractive lady 18-35 years.’ Sometimes even just 30 years. Why are there so many older men out there who actually think they can get a woman 20 years younger than them?I’ve noticed that this is really a men’s thing, like I’ve never seen an ad of a 50 years old woman saying ‘Looking for a man who’s max. I think some men out there are just completly desilusional, thinking they look still super attractive and could easily score a 20-35 years old.

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Perhaps you’ve dated a guy with a huge amount of debt that limited your activities.

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