Dating a libra woman

Libras thrive on romance and need someone who will adore them, as they flourish as part of a partnership rather than going solo.Cancers, male and female, are sensitive, nurturing, moody souls symbolized by the Crab--hard shell, soft inside. Their cantankerous, moody exterior is merely a cover for the mushy, empathetic person they are inside.Once they start to see you as someone who can repeatedly let them down, there is usually no going back.There is no topic that is considered a taboo in a Libra’s book.Most importantly, they will always give you the benefit of the doubt if they know your heart is in the right place.If a Libra chooses to be with someone, that usually means they love them beyond common sense.Their partner is perfect, as far as a Libras is concerned.Even if there are faults, Libras will always choose to see them as things that make up the person they’re in love with and they wouldn’t trade them for the world.

However, once they spot what they’ve been looking for, you can bet they won’t stop until they get it.Libras absolutely HATE chaos, confrontations, and drama (unless they caused the drama, then it's acceptable), which they're apt to do because Libras are natural contrarians.Libras are symbolized by the Scales and can see every angle of every situation, but sometimes they will often play Devil's advocate just to get a juicy debate out of you.Yes, Libras may have their selfish moments, but that’s just because they hate investing in a relationship if there is the slightest risk that the other person is not willing to give it as much as they are.If, however, you prove you won’t up and leave the minute the road gets rocky, they will abandon their self-loving nature and make sure your happiness comes first, every single time. So if you’re a fan of the ever so seductive withholding dance, I suggest you steer clear of Libras.

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