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But that doesn’t work well, because my dates always ask what I do for a living. Women on these sites are more interested in the foundation that I created, than in me. I mean if it looks weird to me, it must look really weird to a woman looking at me. I can get a 3-D tattoo of a nipple, but that would still look weird. This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Friends also said not to be too honest on the first date, meaning I shouldn’t tell them that I am a breast cancer survivor. I’ve been trying the online dating sites since then, but they haven’t gone all that well, either. Wherever she may be, I promise she will have the time of her life with me. Dating is difficult, whether you have cancer or not. (On a positive note, I don’t need a woman to make me happy. Make sure you are happy within yourself before getting into a relationship. It does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.The antithesis of sexy is to say, ‘I’m having a hot flash.That’s why I don’t want to hug you right now.’ But it’s a reality, and these things are hard to discuss in an intimate relationship with someone who hasn’t been in this journey with me the entire time. It will never be the same."I did have a double mastectomy, and I just had my third reconstruction.If you post about your diagnosis on social media or you are very active with a cancer support organization, your potential date may already know about your diagnosis.However, you may wish to wait until you know the person better and know that you can trust him or her.Your date will probably have questions, and you should be prepared to answer them.Your date may be shocked at first, especially if he or she has never known a cancer survivor personally. To calm your nerves, roleplay the conversation with a friend first. Depending on where you are in your treatment, the discussion of your diagnosis may come up on its own.

It may also be helpful to set a deadline in case the topic doesn’t come up naturally.

When I was diagnosed, I’d had biopsies and benign lumps removed before.

You could tell some stuff had happened due to scarring. I think this misconception that — like, I didn’t get a boob job.

Throw a cancer diagnosis into the mix, and it can be even more intimidating.

If you want to date, do not let a cancer diagnosis stop you!

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