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But sadly, like the Thunderbirds reboot that flopped badly earlier this year, it’s a homage destined to fail.

'But the main aim here isn’t happy kiddies but overseas sales. but when the White House and the Statue of Liberty were menaced by monsters in yesterday’s episode, they were unharmed.

Photographer Paul Massey’s idyllic harbour-front home in Mousehole, Cornwall, has a slight privacy problem, he explained in Homes By The Sea (More4).It happened to me about ten years ago, when a hippie dog and his ghost-hunting chums, Scooby Doo and friends, were reinvented for cinema.Anyone who had loved the Sixties Hanna-Barbera production suddenly felt rather wizened., the secret agent rodent with a flying car and an eyepatch, is back in 15 new telly episodes.So was our man with the dashing plans still the strongest, the quickest, the best?With Alexander Armstrong and Kevin Eldon taking over from David Jason and the late Terry Scott as DM and his less-than-helpful sidekick Penfold and a supporting cast that included everyone from Stephen Fry to Game of Thrones' Lena Headey the answer was pretty much yes.

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