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Although it may be convenient for unlearned believers to conclude a Young Earth Creation, there is nether any Biblical evidence nor scientific evidence to support such a claim. The Bible plainly tells us in Isaiah -14 that Lucifer was cast down and desired to be above the clouds, equal with God.Thus, he must have been below the clouds when he said that, that is, upon the earth.Isaiah says that God's Word NEVER, NEVER, NEVER returns unto Him void, failing to accomplish that which He has spoken. Clearly there was a cataclysmic event between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2.To deny an old earth is to totally reject all these Scriptures and truths. We have every reason in the Scriptures to place our faith in God our Savior, Jesus Christ.The first thing to understand about knee health is that the knee is a joints—the hip and the foot, says Pete Mc Call, an expert exercise physiologist at the American Council on Exercise.“If either the foot or the hip loses mobility, then the knee has to start moving in a different plane of motion,” he says.So young-earthers pervert the facts, falsely accusing old-earthers of being evolutionists in order to demonize them, and desperately grasp for straws in a futile attempt to prove their heresies.If you take the Bible at face value, you can only conclude an old earth.

Here are several reasons why a young earth simply cannot be true (or you could call these facts, evidence of an old earth): These are 20 proofs I have given why a young earth is not possible. The Bible, common sense, science, astronomy and the Bible all testify of an old earth.Most people who suffer knee injuries tend to suffer them seemingly out of nowhere.Sometimes, issues seem to creep up inevitably over a long period of time.If you experience knee pain, the best thing you can do is see an orthopaedic specialist, and remember that if you’ve been diligent about exercise for a long time, a week off for rest and recovery might be the best thing you can do, whether or not you’ve come down with an injury.Symptoms: Pain behind or around the kneecap, often when bending the knee.

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  1. You might get a glob of spinach stuck in your teeth (which you’ll notice two hours after dinner). But some women make mistakes by not thinking ahead and not being aware of what they’re doing at the moment. Talking about long-term commitment too soon Although it is untrue that all men are afraid of commitment, most prefer to ease into the subject slowly and after plenty of time spent getting to know their partner.