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Part of this could have to do with commitment issues, Twenge said, since Gen Xers may have had a longer series of serious relationships.

Millennials also live with their parents longer than those from the previous generation, “and when you’re living with Mom and Dad, you’re not really going to be able to have your Tinder screw-buddy come over,” she notes.

She points to a culture of individualism as a major factor in preventing millennials from committing.

She also cites a growing cultural ideal that you don’t need a partner in life in order to be happy.

In Fisher’s view, this isn’t recklessness; it’s a way to get to know a mate better before signing up for a life with that person.

“These days, people are so scared of divorce that they want to be absolutely positive of who they’re going to marry long before they tie the knot,” she says.

Is technology fueling a hookup culture, or is some nebulous “millennial mentality” to blame? I decided to call some psychologists and other love experts to find out.

Meet the Millennials From a glance at the statistics, it’s clear that millennials, vaguely defined as those who are 18 to 34 years old this year, are indeed commitment-phobes compared to their parents and grandparents.

These tools give the impression that you don’t have to choose just one person, and the options for potential partners appear endless.“I’m only good for getting drunk and having sex,” he said.I’m a single 32-year-old—young enough to be considered a “millennial” by some, but old enough that my Facebook feed overflows with announcements of marriages and babies.I always press “Like.” But privately, I feel left behind in what Vanity Fair described last August as a “dating apocalypse.” Of course, plenty of single men and women like me don’t seek out one-night stands.But I feel like, in the dating-app era, many aren’t keen on investing lots of quality time in any particular match when a better one might be a swipe away.

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With nine, you probably will have seen a representative range of personalities, she says.

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