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Even more troubling, such corporate connections can lead to sexual harassment, retaliation and other claims of unlawful acts.But anyone who thinks that romance at work can be prevented needs a reality check.It may not stop the gossip, but in time, the policy should demonstrate that dating is not an avenue to advancement at work, but a personal matter that should have limited impact at work. ”: When one co-worker asks another to step out with him/her and the answer is anything but a “yes;” when there is a single encounter and suddenly it’s over; or after a long period of courtship the tête–à–tête comes to an abrupt halt – the reaction by the company must be swift and consistent.Keeping in mind that the co-workers don’t often see their romantic situation through the same lens or that they are at the same point on the relationship spectrum, employers must carefully monitor the interactions between love contractees for any sign that the encounter is over.

In the case where one lover/worker is in a direct reporting relationship with the other, an important part of the love contract is an agreement to mandatory reassignment of the participating co-workers’ reporting structure so there is no manager-subordinate working relationship.

The times we live in encourage freedom of expression and public acceptance of individuality of one’s whole self and being.

Open celebration of one’s race, gender and/or sexual orientation often benefits an employer by means of greater creativity and productivity.

Of course, many circumstances may make individuals decide against disclosing their relationships, or entering into a love contract.

But employers aren’t required to, and simply can’t force disclosure.

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From that point on, the manager in the relationship no longer has any supervisory say-so with regard to the subordinate’s work assignments, pay, promotion opportunities or other indicia of work.

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