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Alright, well, I didn't expect this kind of quality for 30 dollars... The ambergris, smokey pineapple of Aventus in spades, a little more green but extremely similar. not good as CDNIM it smell good but weaker performance CDNIM it is the best value for your money All these people complaining about silage and longevity your not gonna get much with s sprays with this juice. Flamethrower lemony open and nothing of substance thereafter for me. I'll toss it in the glovebox of my car and use it in case of emergency. Fragrance -Club de Nuit Intense Armaf Bottle from - 2017 Club de Nuit Intense opens with sharp and loud lemon fused with pineapple,black currant and citrus notes.

The box was minimalist with a singular zirconia on the front. I really do not want to make the comparison because I feel like it stands on it's own as a fantastic fragrance. All I can really think is "this is a friggin' steal,". If there was ever a frag to dethrone the king, this would be it. Hit at least 6 to 8 sprays people and spray some on your shirt for extra staying power. Then as it lingers on the skin,potent lemon slowly give way to a astonishing smokey and woody mix of musk,birch and ambergris,with a hint of vanille."Quality/Cost Ratio" is high.

Like Aventus, this has that slightly oldschool powerhouse type vibe but it is so modern and clean cut, with an air of calmness and superiority. I do not like the first 10-15 minutes but then it gets really good. Scent: 9/10 Projection: 9/10 Longevity: 8/10 L'ouverture n'est pas très agréable et fait bas de gamme mais comme beaucoup l'ont déjà dit, il se transforme en Aventus au fil du temps.

It manages to smell mature and woody spicy like Terre D'Hermes without smelling hostile and cold. It is more smoky, it has more pineapple and it is more potent than the new batch of Aventus. Aventus est de meilleure qualité mais honnêtement l'odeur est presque parfaitement reproduite et pour ce prix je vois pas l'interet de mettre autant d'argent dans Aventus. I have had a couple of decants of Aventus that were smokey.

You get almost imediattly the characteristic smokiness with birch.

The fragrance remains stable for quiet a long time (2~3 hours); by then you start to distinguish the amber and musk sweetened by vanilla and patchouli. Projection is above average during the first 2~3 hours. I do love it but it's not really a magnet for ladies.

Ladies do like it but do not get crazy with this perfume - actually the very same reaction happens with Creed Aventus.

The drydown is amazing and i get some - smokiness,musk,birch,ambergris and vanille. This is probably the best Aventus clone on the market today, period. I would say this is the equivalent of a VERY smoky Aventus batch and it smells 95% the same after 15 minutes.

Emotions - fresh,sharp,timeless,sexy,playful,clean. Occasion -perfect for more or less any ocasion and any time of year. Great fragrance overall for the price and smell, unbeatable! Should you buy / skip – Definite buy if its before 2017.

Up top and up close it smells like lemon candy, but the sillage smells exactly like Aventus, plain and simple. If you're in your mid 20's or older and want a cheap alternative to Aventus this is it. i really don't agree with most review, first of all its not long lasting monster,second sillage is very poor, i agree with loud opening but after 10 min its close to skin scent for about 6 to 7 hours.

I don't ever see myself buying a bottle of the real deal.. scent: 8/10 sillage: 2/10 longevity: 6/10 price: 5/10 high because of poor performance. I have a recent batch of creed aventus and if I compare this to the Creed, this is the winner.

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Overall 7/10 PS: I live in India and I have a made in France bottle of 02/17 Curiosity got the better of me and i ordered CDNI, got it afew days age - as has been said many times the lemon opening is very different to Aventus, though not unpleasant. The resemblance is strong, very 90% resemblance strong. The lack of pineapple as a promiment note and it’s strength.

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