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Even with a strict dress code in place, many women in Iran remain savvy fashionistas, often pushing the boundaries to look stylish and express their individuality in bold ways.

Fashion designers in Iran use their creativity in turning the classic hijab into something more chic, focusing on updating traditional Iranian fashion for a young and contemporary market.

The increasing pressure and restrictions have forced many people to leave the fashion industry or emigrate to freely pursue their profession.

His signature style consists of silk screening Persian typography, calligraphy, and poetry upon vintage items altered into contemporary styles.

His works have been featured in major publications such as Vogue, Maxim, and the Washington Times.

Prior to the Islamic Revolution of 1979, Iran was known for being one of the most fashion-forward countries in the Middle East.

Under the rule of the Shah - who was bent on modernizing the country - Iran had become secular and Western-oriented; elements definitely revealed in womens fashion.

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