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She also found her way into the 2000 Guinness Book of World Records as a result of being the "most downloaded" person in 1999.At the age of 34, the peak of her popularity, images of Margolis were downloaded 70,000 times in a span of 24 hours.I don't remember how I met Cindy Margolis, but it was probably through a local Los Angeles modeling agency some time in 1991.It turned out she had been working as a glamour and swimsit model since about 5 years already after having graduating at Northridge University in the San Fernando Valley, just north of Los Angele, where we both lived.She was very proud to have posed, stating: “ Me, of all people, the ultimate girl next door, the one who made it by not taking off her clothes.And now my crowning achievement is doing Playboy and being comfortable in my own skin ” In spring 2006, Margolis was the winner of NBC's Celebrity Cooking Showdown.I soon lost track of her after that as her career took off and she gained world-wide recognition as "The Most Downloaded Model on the Internet, as beautiful girls and the Internet seemed to be the perfect match, and television appearances and Howard Stern radio interviews catapulting her to Supermodel status for the rest of the '90s.You can follow all her career in the story column on the right.

She was Miss Makita Power Tools 1986 and did appearances at woodworking trade shows.In 19 she was photographed by Jim Gianatsis for the, then owned, Mikuni Calendars.Among late night television viewers, she is best known as an infomercial co-presenter including work with Tony Robbins and Don Lapre.I really didn't know a lot about Cindy other than she was beautiful with an incredible busty swimsuit body, and that she had a hot swimsuit poster or two on sale in local gift stores.I once picked up Cindy for a shoot at her mom's apartment , and I remember her showing me many of her published greeting cards and posters.

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