Cbc dating disasters

(Nearly a dozen firms declined to comment for this story.) There are an enlightened few, however, that not only accept workplace dating but also see that permitting it is good for employees and, by extension, good for employers.

Companies like Southwest Airlines and AT&T have publicly come out in favour of office coupling, while others like IBM and Xerox have abolished long-held bans on dating among supervisors and staff.

Buying or selling a home or residential unit can be one of the largest financial transactions that you will enter into.

It is also a complex transaction, with complicated legal issues, and the involvement of various parties, including real estate agents, banks, government departments, the other party and their lawyers.

There are perks when personal relationships are free to grow at work: happier, more engaged employees, and a corporate culture that attracts and retains staff.

Even here in the real world, there’s no shortage of gossip about the CEO and the underling, shunted to a dreary regional outpost under mysterious circumstances.

Need their employer fear these flying sparks in the vicinity of the serious business of work?

As people work more and marry later, the workplace is now—perhaps more than ever—fertile hunting ground for singletons.

Accept the inevitable, he urged, but set some guidelines to cope with potentially sticky unions, for example, between supervisors and subordinates, or two employees within a small department.

Recent books and studies on the subject seem to agree.

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Twelve-hour days leave little time for outside fraternizing, and Internet dating leaves many feeling morally defeated.

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