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You sit at your computer or sampler and sometimes it's more of an individual kind of thing. I mean, when we take it to extremes, it's usually more convincing then.

Whereas with this record, we were trying to play as a band: a five people at once kind of record. GR: But, but, sometimes we..., when you released the DVD (with a video for each song), and you guys were starting to play with a lot of videos and sequencers. SS: The first time I saw you guys on that tour, I felt like the energy level was a little lacking because the rhythm section felt like it was learning how to play with a click track for pretty much the whole night. SS: And then later, on the second leg of , it felt like you had it nailed. We often use a lot of click tracks and it's very difficult to get right.

His social graces echo that of a Victorian gentleman.

He stands when people arrive and leave, looks you in the eye, inquires as to how you are, gives you his full respect and attention.

I think that we grew up in a period of political activism and a lot of our friends' families have been politically active. But we come from a generation from after punk rock... So we decide, um, it's rare that we're inspired by an event to write a song in a kinda protest singer way. GR: There's lyrics and they're very, y'know, it's inevitable that it will be part of our lyrics in the end in some way.We discussed politics in their songs; his new solo disc, Soundscapes: I've noticed that Super Furry Animals don't really have political songs, as much as politics and social commentary are naturally part of the tunes.I want to know if that's somewhat accurate, and how you feel about addressing politics within the songs?SS: I often felt, especially when watching you guys play live, that for a long time you were trying to merge dance culture with rock culture.Is that still a big part of what you're doing or has that evolved live? Our decision making is pretty chaotic and anything goes and everybody pushes and pulls the band in different directions.

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