This com- munity is comprised of crossdressers, transsexuals, gender-benders, anyone who does not identify with traditional gender roles, and all who support freedom of gender expression. She helped me get into my Mom's underwear, and then slipped a dress over my head. She was spitting mad and shagged Rosie's butt home. My initial reaction was, Boy, I'll never do anything like that again. But next time, I would be careful not to make such a mess. Crossing social, economic, political, and philosophi- cal lines, IFGE's constituents are bound together by a common desire to freely ex- plore and express their gender identities by transcending gender norms. She sat me on the bench in front of the huge vanity with the gigantic circular mirror and began applying face powder, rouge and lipstick in roughly the same quantities used by Bozo. By the next morning the pain of the hand was gone, but something else remained... (Rachel Miller is the author of community best-seller.

IFGE goals include: To educate members of the TG community, the general public, media, and elected officials on crossdressing, transgender, and transsexual issues; To educate medical, psychological, and psychiatric health-care professionals and other care providers about TG facts, needs, and special issues; To monitor legislation that affects the TG community; To provide legal back-up and/or referrals for victims of discrimination; To provide outreach and referrals for individuals and organizations within the TG community. Telephone: 61-02-319-2034, GENDER CENTRE: PO Box 266, Petersham, 2049.

“It is to try to shed light on these various aspects of cross- dressing that this book is written.

The subject is discussed, also the mul- titude of questions and problems which trouble those concerned with crossdressing — questions raised not only by the CD but by spouses, partners, family and colleagues.

IFGE depends on gifts for a significant portion of its income. If you have an interest in gender issues, please contribute. Israel Letters from TGs Dear Gianna: I completely disagree with the notion of therapists standing in the way of transgenders getting hormones.

IFGE is a registered 501 (c)3 non-profit organization. It seems ridiculous that grown ups cannot walk into a doctor's office because you and your colleagues monopolize and stereotype people with the HBIGDA Standards of Care. However, I also live as a girl during the evenings and weekends. However, my local gender therapist said that crossdressers can't take hormones because they are not interested in having sexual reassignment surgery. Endocrynology/Andrology, Free University Hos- pital, PO Box 7057,1007 MB.

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