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The video/TV audience won’t be bothered by that detailed description at all, but the audio-only audience will know what’s happening or being discussed.Traditional Guidelines For A Live TV Show One of the benefits of live TV productions is to cover events that take place at the same time as they are viewed.Certainly, there are many content producers who don’t follow these guidelines with their pre-recorded shows, either because they aren’t aware of them or because they have a specific reason to break them.As the saying goes: “You have to know the rules to break them.” One other important guideline that applies to all television and video production is: If you additionally plan to distribute your show as audio only (to be covered in more detail ahead in this article), the presenters should always respect the audio-only audience.The same applies to doing a pre-recorded show for one-time later broadcast or on-demand consumption.

This is a way of combining the best of both worlds between live and pre-recorded shows.One of the ways to do that is to broadcast the pre-show and post-show live, but not include it with the standard on-demand version.Then, the full version, including pre-show and post-show can be behind a paywall, either on a Patreon tier (explained ahead) or on a membership-only section of your website.virtually eternal or everlasting) pre-recorded shows include avoiding mentions of the current date, day, time of day, or sayings like “Good morning” or “Good afternoon”.The reason to avoid the date is to avoid it sounding dated.

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