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Of the innumerable gimmicks that sports-marketing folks have dreamt up to keep people entertained during stoppages in play—from mascot fights to inconveniently timed coach interviews—the Kiss Cam reigns atop my list.

When I go to a game, I always find myself looking forward to this moment, even when the game itself is interesting.

(That’s Syracuse University’s , anyway.) At the conclusion, the man triumphantly raises both hands in the air, and makes a promise to himself: never again will he bring his girlfriend to this venue, or any other location where sports are played.

His mission has been accomplished; she is no longer necessary. I’m pretty sure the cameraman who finds the ideal elderly couple gets a bonus for the night.

This goes for all those looking to gain infamy online, whether it’s by playing one certain game you’re good at, or a number of games to show off what all you have to offer.

Just keep these items in mind and you’ll be able to build on something greater.

Also, right or wrong, it’s funny to think of old people expressing their love in physical ways. When my grandfather passed away earlier this year, we found Cialis among his belongings.

There’s not much to it; they just see themselves on the big screen, smile, and regard one another with that indescribable yet perfectly recognizable look of decades-long love.

They plant a little peck or two, and the crowd reacts as if Betty White herself has just made an onscreen appearance.

One of the many challenges camera operators face when selecting Kiss Cam participants is determining with certainty whether two people are a couple, relatives, or something else entirely. It goes like this: The sister sees herself on the video screen and immediately turns beet red.

Then the brother starts shaking his head “no” and laughing. But then the brother mouths “THAT’S MY SISTER,” and everyone has a good laugh.

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