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Google has found that “users complete forms up to 30% faster” when using autofill.

So let’s learn how autofill works, how to build forms that support cross browser autofill, and take advantage of new features like scanning credit cards.

The value of the autocomplete attribute is actually a space-separated list of tokens.

My experience has been that creating isolated test cases for single fields can be challenging because of this behavior.But I personally feel more secure looking at an autofill preferences pane and seeing credit card information clearly separated and understood by the browser. The second system works in more places, but I’ve seen quite a few support questions where people have been trying to remove their autofill options from the browser history.It will be interesting to see how Edge and Firefox change when they began to support the new autofill standard.It doesn’t help that Apple has provided zero documentation on how the scan credit card feature works. The scan credit card feature is a subset of browser functionality that web developers have long ignored: autofill.It’s understandable why web developers haven’t paid much attention to autofill.

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