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Half naked women walking for miles on dirt roads carrying water on their heads?

Young school boys and men wielding AK-47s terrorizing neighboring villages?

When you think of Africa what images come to your mind?

Gaunt children with potbellys and wide eyes looking into the camera as a voice narrators how your donation each month can save them from starvation?

Make sure to keep your handbag on the floor or close to your body.

Never set it on your lap, making it visible for others to see and providing a temptation for them to reach inside the window and steal it.

It is customary for some dishes to be eaten with your hands.

Fufu looks like dough and is eaten with stew or soup.

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Pressing your thumb up and down while having your hand in a fist is the Ghanaian equivalent of giving someone the middle finger.

It’s important to always greet someone with a “good morning”, “good afternoon” or “good evening” before having a conversation with them.

Street vendors may hiss at you to try to get your attention and sell you something. One US dollar is equal to four Ghanaian cedis, making everyday items and essentials relatively inexpensive for American travelers.

It’s common to see children and adults tapping on car windows asking for money or trying to sell you everything from bottled water and snacks to puppies and jumper cables.

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