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Whether your poison is slithering through shrubberies clutching a silenced SMG, surprising far-away insurgents with a .50 cal sniper rifle, ferrying mates to firefight in treetop-tousling helos, or carving up convoys with torrents of depleted uranium, the gloriously seamless ARMA is your man.

Yes, you can find far more detailed AFV and aircraft recreations elsewhere, but choosing a more specialised sim means foregoing all that freedom and depriving yourself of some of the prettiest vistas in Simulatia.

They wanted us to look up from our reflector sights, altimeters and boost gauges occasionally and take in the bigger contrail-grafittied picture.

This is the only sim I know of that explains, without recourse to glib cutscenes or dense manual text Britain’s Finest Hour was Britain’s Finest Hour.

Once on the road, however, thoughts of expansion and new rigs take a back seat to more immediate concerns. Do I want to listen to Japan, Joanna Newsom or George Benson for the next 45 minutes?

Beetling around the streets of 1980s Spandau in vehicles as talkative and tangible as any in Simland, their nostalgia may end up feeling like your nostalgia.

Simming at its purest, OMSI isn’t particularly interested in artificial rewards or punishments.

I’m increasingly reluctant to use the phrase ‘time machine’ in the context of a computer simulation (it loses potency every time it’s used) but Bo B2 deserves the accolade.

Notes: Bo B2’s AI is cleverer than a sack of weasels.

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