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My first real mechanical clock was a modern grandfather clock Irene and I bought shortly after we moved to the coast.

It was an extravagance that I think I railroaded Irene into- but each time it bongs out the hour it makes me happy.

Prices at auction sites are often reflective of the current market value of most any item.Each clock is sealed and works on changes in temperature and mercury vials.Locate the serial number near the fast-slow adjustment or on the bottom of the movement visible through the case.Le Coultre Atmos clocks have been available since 1939 and continue to intrigue collectors in retail and secondary markets.The quality clocks were invented by Jean-Leon Reutter of France in 1927, but production of the Atmos II didn't take place until 1939.

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Clocks made in the 1990s have a serial number in the 650,000 to 704,000 range.

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