Are cole sprouse and debby ryan dating

It's something Debby herself confirmed back in 2011 and all these years later, they're still going strong.

It almost looked as if the drama between Fifth Harmony and Camila Cabello was a thing of the past.

So we have Debby and Cole's friendship for that adorable reunion.

And it's not the first and most likely not the last time Debby has poked some fun at her boy.

The solo singer and her former girl group are about to be reunited at an awards show and some old wounds might be torn back open thanks to Camila fans on Twitter.

Apparently, Camila’s devotees thought exposing their favorite as a liar would help her somehow.

Cole Sprouse and Debby Ryan have one of the most precious friendships that have ever come out of a television series.

That's right, we're throwing that statement out there and we're standing by it, and we have the proof to back it up.

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