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It seems that most people agree that we came from “up north” in a series of migrations to escape Muslim influences.

As we came into what is now modern-day south western/coastal Ghana as well as south-eastern/coastal Cote d’Ivoire we broke off into different tribes eg.

I grew up knowing that I was Nzema, but it wasn’t until I came across a book “The Python Killer: Stories of Nzema Life” (1988) while sightseeing and browsing hole-in-the-wall stores in London in 2003 did I become aware of my clan.

In fact, I ordered 3 copies of that book, one for myself, one for my father, and another for my paternal uncle whom I was visiting with in England that summer.

When the Muslims began to invade the region in the early centuries AD, the Akans moved into modern day Mali/Senegal/Mauritania region (ancient Ghana) to maintain their religious freedom where they again became the ruling class. It is from here that they migrated in waves to their present location. Some say that there are seven clans; others say that there are eight.

But essentially, the clans link all who fall under Akan to one of seven (or eight) female ancestresses, and not necessarily wives of Solomon either. Well that too is a bit unclear to me but it seems one would need to understand how the Akan view themselves.

I guess that’s why I studied Anthropology in college.

I remember moving to Ghana at the age of 11 discovering my parents school books from the 1950-1960s or so and just reading about the various Ghanaian ethnic groups.

With all that, I’m still not clear as to what the origin of the Akan is.

What makes the Akan unique, I think, is that they are linked by matrilineal descent, inheritance, and succession.

In basic English, in traditional society, women are important members of society, politically, judiciously, and economically.

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I wondered if that version was made before or after Christianity was imposed on us.

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